Benefits 1-9
  1. Illustrates 300+ customized tools (not a “cookie cutter” software program using standard templates). The software helps you choose and customize tools most consistent with your vision
  2. Summarizes results on one client-friendly flow chart with support details easily referenced
  3. Tracks which assets fund each planning tool and guards against funding legal tools with the wrong financial assets
  4. Produces a master flow chart with hyperlink to all supporting tax returns, legal documents, financial calculations, and summaries of goals.
  5. Easily updated. Recalculates all planning scenarios and future projections as assumptions change
  6. Implementation-focused. Necessary details given to licensed investment advisers, lawyers, and insurance agents
  7. Precise. Allows for adjustment of many variables to study possible solutions
  8. Tracks basis, ownership, yield, structure, beneficiaries, intentions, debt, and proxies for each asset in the client portfolio in order to create accurate cash flow and wealth transfer projections
  9. Creates a balance sheet for each stakeholder each time we update the balance sheet for an entity, such as a FLP or LLC that is owned by several stake holders.
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