Blueprint Concept
Behind the beautiful picture on your high definition TV is a detailed wiring schematic. You can focus on the TV picture because circuit board architects (as well as lawyers, accountants, and other professionals) thought through technical issues related to the schematic. Likewise, as you picture your future “castle in the sky,” a team of advisers must agree on a schematic (or blueprint) summarizing legal, financial, and other technical issues affecting the picture of your future.

You can free up capital and minimize risk if you develop your schematic with input from professionals who understand all of the tax issues. Your tax lawyers may consider 43 quintillion issues, as shown below. Considering these issues is similar to thinking through the 43 quintillion possible combinations when solving Rubik’s Cube®®. Your professionals must evaluate interrelated planning options while not losing sight of your envisioned “Castle in the Sky”. When seeking to make each side of your “Castle” look perfect, be sure that you look at the other sides depicted below.

Only a Wealth Blueprint effectively analyzes the interrelated cash flow, tax, and wealth transfer issues affecting your vision.
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